“The EA Building Company has been a life saver in our residential remodeling business.  The expertise that Eric brought to our project was priceless.  The company was able to help us navigate the permitting process, pass inspection the first time around and provide us and the contractors with an unbiased perspective of our project.  This has allowed us to move faster, avoid costly and timely mistakes and kept us on pace as we look to acquire our next!  We are beyond grateful for the partnership EA Building Company has provided us!”

Neha, Home Builders LLC Rehab Manager



“Eric was extremely responsive from the very beginning.  He arrived on time and was prepared to inspect our potential new home purchase.  He tested every system of the house.  He was very thorough and professional even when the owners, who are also present, were questioning why he was doing certain activity.  After the inspection, Eric verbally went over some of the things he found.  His complete report came back quickly and was very easy to read and understand.  I feel confident with the service I received and would use his service again.”




“Eric Anderson performed a very thorough inspection of my home. He is very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. He explained many things about my home and provided helpful recommendations. Eric provided a comprehensive and detailed report in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Eric to anyone who needs a home inspection and I would definitely use his services again!”




“EA Building Company is one of the most professional organizations I have worked with. They have an amazing mission, the representatives are extremely knowledgeable and they consistently exceeded expectations. I am grateful for the contribution they have provided our team.”

Aaron Townes



“Eric was quick to respond.  During his inspection he took his time and payed attention to every detail.  He sent his report SUPER fast, and again, it was very thorough.  I appreciated his recommendations and availability to answer questions after sending the report.  Thank You Eric!”